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BetFred Bingo Hall

BetFred should be quite familiar to those that have been frequenting the online gaming world for some time, and Betfred Bingo promises to offer more of the same thrills and high-energy excitement. BetFred Bingo differentiates itself from the hordes of other online bingo websites on the scene with a refreshingly stylish website that features bizarre cartoon characters. The overall feel of the site is bright and colorful and definitely lends an air of fun to the proceedings.

Getting started at Betfred Bingo takes a bit of doing with a few steps required. Don’t worry they’re all quite simple and the entire process shouldn’t take longer than a few minutes to complete. First off, you will have to download the BetFred Bingo software, although you can skip this step if you opt for the web based version or the Instant Play option. You then have to provide some personal details in order to set up your account. Finally, you might find it helpful to read through the rules at this point. This last step is pretty important and will give you a better idea of how to navigate through the site’s various features, so we highly recommended that you take the time to do it.

Once you are in, be prepared to stand in awe at the impressive look and feel of the website. The entire site is laid out pretty slickly, with many of the animated elements rendered exquisitely. The balls themselves are animated of course, and they have a realism that makes you feel as if you are looking at an actual bingo display. Towards the left of the screen is a conveniently located numbers board with your bingo cards located towards the middle of the screen. All necessary game information is displayed on the right for easy perusal and between these three elements you have everything that you could possibly need in one convenient display.

One thing that stood out in particular was the audio quality of the site, which was nothing short of impressive. The caller–or rather the voice of the caller–is quite enthusiastic, and really helped enhance the atmosphere of a real live bingo game. In fact, our entire playing experience at Betfred Bingo was steeped in realism, and after a while we almost forgot that we were playing an online version of the game and not the real thing.

We did have a minor issue with the chat screen requiring its own window, as this could be potentially bothersome. To Betfred Bingo’s credit however, this window could be place anywhere on the screen, so it wasn’t too much of an issue.

We also found out that in order to play both the 90-ball and 75-ball versions of the game, we had to opt for the download version of the Betfred Bingo software. Using the web- based version only gives you access to the 90-ball version, which obviously limits your options somewhat. Nevertheless, we found that Betfred Bingo provides a pretty enjoyable bingo experience with a very impressive user interface.

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